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As a startup, KULAbyte was struggling with a long sales process and minimal leads to process.

After building a targeted marketing funnel with SEO, PPC and Display Ads, we were able to produce 45 highly targeted leads per week that were driven to live product demos increasing sales in the millions.

KULAbyte was acquired for $20M by a strategic partner, HAIVISION.




Financial Life Advisors was spending an adverse amount of time explaining their complex financial services to the wrong prospects costing them thousands per month.

Clearpath transformed their messaging and online sales funnel.  Then, with highly targeted traffic from two channels and a qualified lead scoring process in place, they now receive the exact customers they want to do business.  

FLA has become the Fastest Growing Fee-Only Financial Planning firm in San Antonio.

River Bluff Cabins


A Texas Travel resort

River Bluff was producing just under $250K in peak summer months before hiring us.  By increasing organic search and paid traffic 5X and doubling conversion booking rates we’ve tripled revenues to $750K Annually.

Using the FunnelStream’s process by doing organic search, paid display and video based enter-to-win-vacation contests, River Bluff Cabins has become a year round resort by promoting seasonal adventure activities through three primary channels where the owners were at loss of how to grow the business when they came to us.

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"Clearpath worked with us to develop a new marketing strategy, video and website that explained our unique financial services in a way that changed our marketing and has resulted in far more qualified incoming leads.  Our close rate is significantly better and has directly contributed to the growth of the company.  If your company needs marketing help, I'd highly recommend Clearpath." -- Ben Gurwitz, CFP, Financial Life Advisors

"Clearpath is wonderful to work with because they eliminate the confusion and anxiety of website development and digital marketing with clear explanations and straight-forward next steps. They're smart, solve problems quickly and easily convert strategic direction into digital results." -- Kristine Benne, Associate Dean, RSO University Of The Incarnate Word
"Clearpath has been instrumental in making our marketing more impactful and our online sales grow month after month. Their team has worked closely with us on everything from brand strategy to website development to e-commerce. Thank goodness they're part of our team. I highly recommend Clearpath." -- Alton Paris, Founder 2 Gringos Salsa
"Clearpath's work with us has been nothing short of transformative. From the development of the strategic plan to our new messaging, website and our digital and other campaigns, they've been an indispensable partner to Winston. What's come out of our collaboration is exciting." -- Sue Borst, Marketing Director, Winston School San Antonio

“The Clearpath team are highly creative and insightful marketing professionals. They are comfortable with traditional marketing but truly shine in the applications of new technologies and social networking approaches to the marketing and business development disciplines. Smart, savvy and driven, I would recommend Clearpath to take any company to market in innovative ways.” -- Michael Eyman, Director of Sunpower Operations

“Jason and his team have an excellent aptitude at asking the source questions behind buying/spending decisions for companies...helping audiences, behaviors, market demands and validated effectiveness be determined before energy is expended. His use of business modeling disciplines blended with his own background of start ups, technology applications and marketing strategy brings a unique focus and acumen to business growth situations. Approaching every project not just as work but also as a platform for ministry, Clearpath brings a heart and perspective uncommon in the industry.” -- Mike Sharrow, CEO of The C12 Group

“Clearpath worked with me to build a start-up software company help with business development, sales and also as an SEO and Marketing Engine developer and we were amazed with the results they produced.

Because of my experience at KULAbyte, I rehired them to developed a successful Google campaign for Real Estate Sales in Costa Rica and they sold my property that had been on the market for a year in 90 days.  Jason and his team are committed, tenacious, and have skilled entrepreneurial aptitude.

Great company, great results, very innovative and great ROI.”

-- Robin Rush, Entrepreneur (Co-founder & COO KULAbyte - President, Rush Real Estate - Co-owner, RUSH Enterprises)

“Jason and his team are amazing assets to my company. Their expertise not only helped me to successfully navigate the troublesome waters of launching my business but they helped me stay on point in all areas of development. Their data based approach is on target and has equipped me far beyond expectations. I know that I can count on them in the future and recommend them highly.” -- Jeremy Koester, Founder & CEO Airprint


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