Transformative Time

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It's 6:17 A.M. CST, January 1st of the New Year (2018).  

I awoke at 5 to pray and spend time in The Word.

Recently, I had another entrepreneur friend write me asking for help.  He expressed that one of his growth obstacles was time.  Then, looking back about 2 months I attended a business workshop with my friends at SummitTrek where we opened up the conversation discussing time.  More importantly, how were we using our time?

When asked to write down our perfect day and what would be the things we would do if we could go back in time I wrote:

"Perfect Day - hanging out with my wife and kids at the beach, riding bikes, exploring and having adventures together." (we did that this past summer at Rosemary Beach, FL.)

Live Another Day - challenged, I could not think of a specific day, but I wrote this down... if I could go back in time I would have been a better more loving older brother.  I would definitely correct many of my actions regarding sin in my life."


Fast forward to New Year's Eve in church, Pastor Dennis talked about transformation (enjoy the full sermon) and I wrote down many of the passages he shared, but the one that really stuck with me on this topic was 2 Corinthians 5:17.

"The old life is gone, a new life has begun."

As I pause to take a sip of my French Pressed Bullet Proof Coffee and think about this video I watched last night from the guys at Field Notes, which I'm handwriting this post to check off my first very important task today, I wanted to ask you ...

  1. How are you spending your time?
  2. What % of your time are you doing transformative things?
  3. What time are you setting aside to be transformed?
  4. How are you investing in transforming others?

We all have time.

We all have the opportunity to be transformed.

We all have the ability to be transformative.

But, how can we all better utilize our time to BE & DO transformative things?

For me, the action of writing and sharing more of what I'm thinking, I believe can be transformative for others.  Yet, I stopped doing this some time ago because I've been so focused inside my business and others that I realized I need to get back to the practice.

My wife bought me a Daily Greatness Business Planner for my birthday and I'm planning to plan in more detail, to be more intentional about my time, to make sure it's more transformative time.

As an entrepreneur, I seek to be a transformative one (not, buzz word, 'disruptive' one) ... I'm really more of a builder type { see Inc.'s Disruptive vs. Builders Article }.

I want to share with you that I had to be transformed 1st.  That took time and is still in progress, but I know how that time is one of the most valuable things we are blessed with in life.

The choices we make in life have ripple effects on those around us.  So, please consider how you are investing your time this year.  Think about how your time could be spent more effectively. 

How can your time be more purposeful?

How can your time be leveraged better?

Think about how your time can have a transformative impact on others around you.  You came into this world with nothing but time ahead of you.  You'll leave this world with nothing, but time behind you.

If your time were to be made into a movie, rewind it and play it for others.  What would others see and learn from it?  Would would that time -- your life -- say to others?

Please take time to share this moment in time with others that you think might have a positive transformative effect on.

7:05 A.M. CST (now 8:50 after spending time reflecting more and typing this out)

Man, I think this time has been transformative for me.

Let's go transform time together this year.

P.S. Check out how some transformative parenting can influence your kids to inspire others.  So proud of my daughter recovering from 2 broken arms, coming back strong and encouraging thousands of others.  Her Instagram post teared me up this morning.

"The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not fighting the old but on building the new!" -- Kendall Cronkhite [Future Transformative Leader]

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