A Successful Digital Marketing Case Study

What does a successful digital marketing campaign look like? We've put together a short case study to help explain the difficulty in finding the right market with the right message, and how you can tell when it's starting to click. 

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First, The Challenge

KULAbyte sells high-end livestreaming video encoding tools and workflow management software to enterprise broadcasters. How do you create a digital lead-generation campaign targeted at high-tech, incredibly specific enterprise buyers?


The (Eventual) Solution

We developed a multi-channel lead generation strategy to broaden awareness with technical influencers and corporate officers inside the IT buying chain. 

The strategy included a myriad of online and offline tactics such as search marketing, conversion rate optimization, paid display targeting, targeted video production trade shows, email marketing and media relations.

After having numerous conversations with customers, we isolated deep-dive technical keywords and queries like "H.264 live video encoding or streaming software" and optimized the main web property for search marketing and optimization efforts on these fronts.

After optimizing for these specific technical keywords, we continued to build optimized blog content and support documentation. Additionally, we worked with vendors, partners, forums, directories and the blogosphere to build our site's presence and ranking across the web.

Within 8-12 months, KULAbyte.com became the leading subject-matter expert on the web, with many #1 - 5 Google rankings, for anyone looking for live video streaming software-related queries. 

We also launched "paid display" and "adwords" campaigns to drive traffic to landing pages with two primary conversion goals:

  1. Experience a livestreaming demo, on desktop and mobile devices
  2. Bring people in to the knowledge base of documentation to demonstrate the depth of support they would have with our service  

We targeted industry-leading sites for display ads and recorded all traffic to create a continuous loop of learning and optimization, focused on improving conversions.

Once leads were captured, we started an e-mail drip campaign to feed them relevant content and nudge them through the buying cycle.

To reinforce the early-adopter stigma that KULAbyte faced as a start-up, we aggressively pursued media relationships and industry outreach to exponentially increase brand credibility.

Eventually, we were accumulating 40 to 50 global leads every week and it was done on a monthly marketing budget of no more than $5,000